We believe that

  • poverty and trauma impact ALL of us

    Trauma is universal. It knows no socioeconomic boundaries, no race, and no geography. Poverty continues to overwhelm our families, our communities, and our institutions. Using the resilience-building framework allows us to 1) heal trauma and 2) solve poverty.

  • being trauma-informed is not enough

    The difference between being trauma-informed and being trauma-responsive is action. We start with informed and then mobilize to respond. It’s about strategies. Join us to become effective brain-builders and create resilience in the classroom, the workplace, and the home.

  • working together produces powerful results

    We want to continue building collaborative and resilient connections between schools and communities. Together we can successfully confront these two critical issues in our classrooms and neighborhoods.

  • we can win

    The Bridging to Resilience conference is for educators, church leaders, mental and public health workers, non-profit organizations, juvenile advocates, and community members. Anyone who desires thriving schools and healthy communities will benefit.

Join us April 25-26, 2018

We're looking forward to seeing you in April for this powerful two day conference at the Marriott Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas.

You'll be part of a connected body of educators, students, families, and community workers sharing ideas, resources, and strategies for addressing poverty and developing trauma-informed schools and neighborhoods.
Join us April 25-26, 2018


  • Jim Sporleder

    Jim Sporleder

    Trauma-informed consultant & speaker. Featured in the award-winning film Paper Tigers and author of The Trauma Informed School.

  • Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz

    Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz

    National pOVERty & trauma specialist and coach.

  • Kevin Honeycutt

    Kevin Honeycutt

    Global speaker, LaunchMe founder, and poverty consultant.

Speaker Spotlight

Get a taste of our conference sessions through these short video clips.

  • Rick Kraus: “We went looking for something else.”

    Rick works as an Assistant Superintendent in the Hutchinson, Kansas school district and is a strong Trauma Informed advocate. He will be highlighting successful tools and strategies that are working throughout his district. Get a taste of what he’ll be sharing as he chats with ESSDACK’s Ginger Lewman. Rick will be sharing more details during his […]

  • Kris Jenkins: “I’ve got a calm corner.”

    Kris is a pre-K teacher at Graber Elementary in Hutchinson Kansas and is excited to share her stories with Bridging to Resilience conference attendees. She talks with ESSDACK’s Ginger Lewman about her 30+ years of experience interacting with students and families. Kris will be sharing more details during her breakout session at the Bridging to […]

  • Kevin Honeycutt: “I want to help people find their way.”

    Kevin Honeycutt is a husband, father, author, and speaker representing ESSDACK on a variety of topics including poverty. Kevin is our closing keynoter – follow along as he speaks with ESSDACK’s Ginger Lewman about resilience nd growing up in poverty. Kevin will be sharing more details during his keynote at the Bridging to Resilience conference, […]