Bridging to Resilience 

connecting schools & communities 
in the trauma-informed movement

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April 23-24, 2019

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featured speakers

Kevin Honeycutt

International speaker, author, and poverty consultant

Jim Sporleder

Former principal and author of The Trauma Informed School

Ginger Lewman

National speaker, author, and Project-Based Learned expert

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People coming to the Bridging to Resilience conference want to
know what’s worked for you.

So we’re looking for presentations related to the eight Bridging to Resilience strands – especially those focusing on successful connections between school and community. We’re asking you to share your successful ideas, resources, and strategies.

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400+ Attendees Can’t Be Wrong

In April 2018, over 400 educators, community organizers, parents, and non-profit staff members came together in Overland Park to learn about and share strategies for building resilience in the face of trauma and poverty. 

And we’re looking for sponsors who want to connect with those same people who’ll be coming back in April 2019. Ready to be part of the Bridging to Resilience team? Get more information and sign up by clicking the button below.

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